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What if everything you thought about autism was wrong?




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Spellers The Movie earns acclaim for its profound impact, securing both Best Documentary and the esteemed Donors Choice award at the 2023 Phoenix Film Festival.




“My feelings about pat are hard to put into words. He just understands nonspeakers so well and he made it easy to have all those cameras in my face. Thank you pat for telling our story with so much heart. I love you.” — Jamie Handley


“Evan’s ability to comb through countless hours of interviews and find story has been incredible. From the start he understood how important every aspect of this film was to the Spellers knowing it must be told by them and not the filmmakers. I’m often asked if he’s my son— would be proud have him be a son of mine.” — Pat Notaro


“Dathan is not only the coolest guy on the shoot, but he’s also the most considerate dude ever. I can’t remember a single time when he didn’t ask to make sure I was ok with him or his camera being so close. He gives off the best vibes and his energy helped me stay focused, which some days can be a big task. Thanks, DMG, for making all of us look so good in the film!” — Evan Tastor


“Filming nonspeakers while they spell is an intimate and transcendant experience. Nonspeakers are very senstive to other people’s vibes and Jeff’s calm, loving, trusting vibe was essential to supporting our cast through the stress of spelling with the cameras rolling.” — J.B. Handley


“Swade you are the right person to create our theme song. You always treated me with respect and you understand how much we love rap music. Thank you for the perfect song.” — Jamie Handley


“Enduring my countless story revisions, pick up shoots and impossible deadlines Mark never lost his cool shaping Spellers incredible Score. Mark dove deep shaping a uniquely repetitive rhythm but yet different tone for each speller emphasizing their story and unique message they shared. Never imagined how important the score would be to the film nor how helpful Mark was in helping me take it to its completion.” — Pat Notaro

Question: As a practitioner, what is your hope for the impact SPELLERS has?




“I hope this film sparks a worldwide shift in how we raise, educate, support, and empower nonspeakers. Under this new paradigm, educators will question everything they thought they knew about autism and become aware of the life-changing impact that addressing apraxia has on nonspeakers. As more & more parents learn to communicate with their autistic children, their hopes of truly knowing their child’s thoughts, feelings & dreams will finally become tangible. Last but not least, for every student who begins to spell and type as a result of this film… I hope you’re ready to take charge of your own life and change the world with your unleashed voice and infinite potential! We have been waiting for you!”

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“My hope is that SPELLERS will not only make you question everything you have ever thought and believed about nonspeaking autism, but also leave you with a sense of hope and promise that will trigger a cascade of change. Nonspeakers have been patiently waiting for us to move beyond what we see on the outside and believe in their abilities on the inside. As a professional who has worked with nonspeakers for many years, I want all who see SPELLERS to challenge themselves to rethink what it means to live in a world without the ability to speak. SPELLERS will transform families, professionals, nonspeakers, and speakers alike!”


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